Autumn Holidays

October 2, 2007

Did anyone notice the beautiful full moon we had last week? We did. It was the focus of two holidays for us and another example of how our family's unique "combo" brings two different cultures into connection. At the start of the week we celebrated the Chinese holiday of The Autumn Moon. Our Taiwanese friends (Chih-yen and Jonathan..he's six days older than Camille) joined us in St. Augustine where our local FCC (Families with Children from China) was hosting an Autumn Moon celebration. We missed out on the crafts and storytelling because the kids just wanted to enjoy the playground and the carousel. After a busy dinner at a local Chinese restaurant, we enjoyed home baked moon cakes. And on the long drive home we gazed at the moon. Later in the week we celebrated the Jewish holiday of Sukkot by building a sukkah (temporary structure) in our back yard. You are supposed to eat all of your meals in the sukkah while enjoying the seasonal "harvest" and gazing at the moon. We had fun decorating our sukkah but sadly we haven't been able to fully enjoy it because of the crazy rain storms we've been having.

Jill & Flip said...

Camille is so beautiful! You guys seem to be involved in so many fun activities. i am living vicariously through you. love to all, jill

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