Knock Knock

October 29, 2007

Jokes are a big thing in our house these days. Very popular with the four year old crowd and now with the nearly two year old. Knock Knock jokes have always been a favorite of Noah's and a few months ago Camille started joining in the fun. It started with a nearly constant refrain of "knock knock" throughout the day and it drove Noah crazy, because the more he asked "who's there" the more she said "knock, knock". Her response to "who's there?" then evolved into "banana"(her take off from the classic banana who? banana who? orange who? orange you glad I didn't say banana?). The "knock knock/banana" routine has now been with us for several weeks. But recently she's been spicing her routine up by introducing new responses which crack her up. This morning I heard her giggling in her crib and when I went in to pick her up she said:
C:"Knock, knock"
L: "Who's There?"
C: "Two Rabbits" (holding up her two bunnies)
L: "Two Rabbits who?"
C: "Mine Two Rabbits" followed by more giggling

And this afternoon after her nap, she greeted me with "knock knock" again but this time her response to "who's there?" was "Abigail (a classmate) with a follow-up of "Jacob (another classmate)". And again more giggling. If she grows up to be a famous comedian I'll enjoy telling stories about her early days of crib stand up. But I am not sure I want her to follow in Margaret Cho's footsteps...don't get me wrong Cho's mama routine is very funny, but I am not sure I am ready to hear my daughter making fun of me or talking about topics that make me blush. Right now her knock, knock jokes are perfect.
Jessica said...

Just saw "The Red Tent" on your shelfari. I LOVED that book!

Corinne said...

Oh, the knock knock jokes. My nearly five year old son LOVES them. Especially the one with "boo" "boo who?" "you don't have to CRY about it" HA HA HA HA. It's funny EVERY time :)

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