October 26, 2007

Soon after I put up the "Questions" post, my cousin,Jennie, sent me an e-mail and we then proceeded to send a few e-mails back and forth. Jennie and I are about six months apart. We are first cousins but I consider her to be like a sister since we basically grew up together. Now we are both parents.I guess that moment of "truth" really is a universal experience. Here are some excerpts from our e-mails today.

I was just reading your blog and am offering up an apology for telling you the truth about Santa. I don't remember telling you there was no Santa, but I do vividly remember the day I asked my mom if there really was a Santa. I had been wondering about it for some time, and one day, while my mom was sitting reading at the kitchen table (the old kitchen at the house on Columbus Street), I asked her if there really was a Santa. She hesitated a little bit and then said she thought I was old enough -- no, there is no Santa, but please don't tell Peter.
It's funny how just about everyone remembers when they found out there was no Santa. It's like it becomes a marker in growing up.


...don't worry about telling me about Santa. I really didn't believe you and I remember continuing to believe my hardest in Santa until I found those presents. Like you I remember the setting when I confronted my mom about Santa. In the bathroom of our old house (that weird bathroom opened up into the dining room...remember that?). You are right I think it must be one of those rites of passage. I had a friend who's mother saved all of her teeth and when my friend found them her mother told her they were just "old pearls"! and my friend believed her!

The Solley Five said...

never lie to them?! that's a concept! i'm not sure if i ever tell them the truth. santa is a whole big deal here, and there certainly are NOT any fires burning down houses in California and yes, our house IS made of indestructible bricks and you DO look like the flash when you run that fast- it's just a blur to everyone watching.

dim sum, bagels, and crawfish said...

Believe me, I have my own little fabrications, that dark chocolate stash I have are my special grown up vitamins :)

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