Pieces of Home

October 8, 2007

One of my mom's pieces for her upcoming show
Spider on the porch October prairie view from the front porch
Being "home" and helping my mom has been good. I am so proud of her and all of that she has accomplished. My mom has always been very creative but this upcoming show will also highlight her sense of humor, her compassion, and her skilled pack-ratting/collecting. In addition to her fabulous (and funny) jewelry collection, she is also working on an installation that relates to Hurricane Rita which had a huge impact on this part of Louisiana (a few weeks after Katrina hit, but still often overlooked). I am in awe of her and feel very lucky to have such a talented mama.

In addition to my mom's show this weekend, Festival Acadiens will also be taking place. I have been going to this Cajun music festival since I was a little girl....depending on the weather danced in mud or danced in dust, but definitedly danced because I can't resist moving my feet when I hear those sweet sounds. And this year's festival poster is also a special piece of "home" since it is a reproduction of my dad's painting of the old farm house where I grew up. And now that painting is hanging over our fireplace. I'll miss the festival this year because I need to get back to my other home where the monkeys roam. But if you are in Louisiana be sure to check out the Gute exhibit and be sure to do some dancing at the festival.

It has been nice to be at home with my parents. Just the three of us....can't think of the last time just the three of us were together. But I have to admit that having been away from my monkeys I am starting to feel "homesick" for them. I have been missing the morning patter of feet and the croaky morning voices calling "Mama, Mama". I miss Adam's funny stories, Noah's creative questions, and Mei-Mei's slobbery kisses. All pieces of "home" whether it be in Louisiana or other parts of the world. Funny how "home" can have so many pieces, so many meanings, and so many places.

Ann said...

It's great that you have so much history in there though. But I'm sure you miss your little peanuts

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