Dirty Work

October 20, 2007

While the kids were in school the last two days, we spent our mornings hauling dirt. I never thought I would spend so much time focused on dirt but I have spent the past couple of weeks thinking about it, talking about it, and now moving it. We are building a garden at the preschool and I have been hunting for good dirt to get us started. Earlier this week a local company made a very generous donation of beautiful, dark, compost-rich dirt. But unfortunately they weren't able to dump it directly in the garden so we have been spending part of each day hauling and dumping dirt. Hard sweaty work, but also kind of fun. And now I am very excited to get some plants in the ground next week. We will be starting with strawberries, carrots, lettuce, broccoli, and other fall veggies.
Mom said...

What a great project! And a terrific way to get the children to eat some fruits and veggies they may otherwise reject. It is hard to resist tasting something that they grew themselves!
Love, Mom

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