Guessing Game

October 5, 2007

I am getting so much more enjoyment from Shelfari than I ever anticipated. Earlier this week I sent out an invitation to folks in my e-mail address book to join Shelfari so we could exchange book ideas. I didn't know quite how the whole invitation system worked but it turns out when a friend links to my "shelf" it only shows their user name. Which has led to some fun guessing on my part...trying to figure out who the person is by their user/nickname or the books they have on their shelf. Funny to hear the story behind their user name, fun to peek into their reading lives, and a nice way to re-connect with friends.

And speaking of Shelfari, I am getting ready to add this funny book to my shelf. We found it at the libary yesterday and can't stop reading it or cracking up. We were already William Wegman fans, but "Chip Wants a Dog" is good on so many levels (photos, story line, characters).
Weasel said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for introducing me to Shelfari. I am completely addicted.

You continue to astound me. You not only make the time to seek out your own passions and interests, but you make time to connect those around you to the lifelines you have cast for yourself. Bravo!

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