Sicilian Garden Sticks

June 24, 2010

Look at what popped up in our garden! These are larger versions of the ones we did in Louisiana a few summers ago. Festive, fun, and good for propping up plants (have I ever mentioned the issues we have with wind?). We aren't the only ones adding some color to our garden with art. Check out Jean's garden. Doesn't that look like a good spot to spend a summer afternoon? And here's another colorful summer project that we might try in a few weeks. I'll do a more thorough summer garden post soon. We are eagerly waiting to pick our first Pachino tomatoes and can't get over how cute our baby watermelons are. Anything fun happening in your garden lately?
Dana said...

Ohhh. . . I love these.

Dina said...

these are cute and i love the colours. This Summer will be our first summer that we have a garden and we are very happy. So we planted some veg (for autumn). some flowers for colour and we can't wait to move in so that we fully enjoy it.

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