Summer Laundry

June 29, 2010

Forget all of my fancy plans for learning to love my that we are fully immersed in summer, I am discovering the joys of summer laundry: swimsuits and towels. Life is so much easier when you spend every day in a swimsuit and you only have to fold and put away beach towels. Seriously, we have been living in our suits. Swim lessons each morning at the pool, lazy afternoons at the pool, Noah's first splash and dash (swim and run race), and squeezing in beach trips whenever possible. Summer living is good.
Cami said...

That IS great--unless your kids are like mine, and they have one outfit BEFORE the swimsuit, a different one AFTER the swimsuit, and use 3 different towels--not fun.

We have switched places, because I CANNOT keep up, and I used to like it so. sigh.

likeschocolate said...

Yes, I love summer for that reason too!

Saretta said...

Yay, summer! but I still have tons of laundry and ironing...what am I doing wrong? ;-)

Juniper said...

I completely agree, lazy time by the waters edge as children gleefully exhaust themselves... is very calm and pleasing. That urge to find a good summer read is quickly taking hold.
Laundry, at least the clothes are fewer and of the type that dry very quickly, especially in the intense heat of the mid day sun!

Corinne said...

I am a fan of this laundry too!! Somedays, Sheely wears her suit all day and then wears it to bed :)

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