June List

June 15, 2010

Here's another list with a few things that I have been reading and viewing over the past month. Looking at this month's list it seems like all I have been reading is magazines. There are two reasons for that. The first one is that we go for several months without any magazines and then we'll have a huge bundle of several months arrive all at once. That's just what happens when you live overseas and try to maintain magazine subscriptions. And the second reason is that I have been in a magazine mood. Just needing short snippets of reading time. I have entered into that summer, beach reading mode these days. Gobbling up short, juicy chunks of text or if it's longer than a short story, it has to be really enticing and delicious.

Brain, Child: Why did I put off getting a subscription to this magazine for so long? Substance, wit, thought provoking essays and resulting discussions...very good reading.
Real Simple: Just received the June issue with the title cover shouting at me in bold letters: "Organize your life" and the May issue whose cover boasts speed cleaning solutions. Funny how things show up just when you need them. Actually, what I wish I could really share with you is one of the articles from the June issue, but I can't seem to get a link to it. If you have access to the magazine, turn to page 210. The article is titled "See How They Grow" and it's about a group of women who came together to form a garden group. Each week they rotate to a different garden belonging to one of the group members. They weed, they tackle big projects, share ideas, exchange seeds, and over the years they have built solid bonds of friendship. I love this idea.
The Chorus/Les Choristes: a wonderful French film
The Book of Animal Ignorance: this is one of those books that forces you to stop reading mid-sentence and shout out "Did you know....?" It's a very entertaining read. And by the way, did you know that woodpeckers have ears on the ends of their tongues?
Temple Grandin: inspiring and fascinating, add it to your Netflix/library list
Cutting for Stone: here's the exception to the magazines. I am currently in the midst of this novel and trying to slow down so it won't end too quickly.
The Atlantic's Fiction Issue: arrived in our mail box today and it has me itching to crack it open.

What's on your summer reading/viewing list?
Laurie said...

Woah...I had never HEARD of that first magazine...I am so thinking I need to subscribe...it looks awesome!

LindyLouMac said...

I just do not get time to even consider reading magazines! I am never without a book though, but I think blog reading has replaced magazines for me.

likeschocolate said...

I love the magazine Real Simple. I love it's clean style. I am reading A Girl with a Dragon Tatoo!

Jeannette said...

Thank you for introducing me to Brain, Child. I am lovin' it. And thanks, too, for sharing your funk. I was/am in one which makes me crazy since it is summer, and summer funks should not be allowed! Glad things are looking up! I'll have to get back to you with my summer reading...

Cami said...

I love RealSimple. It's my only magazine. That rotating garden group sounds AWEsome!

Emily said...

super quickly de-lurking (moving madness--argh!) to post this link to a blog you might like: http://cleaningclub.blogspot.com/

it's a group of women who have formed a cleaning club and rotate houses each week or month. one of the members belonged to a cloth diaper forum i used to be a member of.

Leslie said...

LOVE Temple Grandin and the Gardening Circle story in Real Simple. Funny how it seems we are both doing similar things at the same time.
Will have to check out Brain, Child. Will send another email update and pics next week...6 months then.

Mary Beth said...

Just finished Shanghai girls, have you read it? It was interesting from an historical perspective, from the perspective of a mother of two daughters, and that of a mother of a girl from China growing up in the states. Also read the Girl Who Stepped on the Hornet's Nest, Half Broke Horses and the Glass Castle. The first one above and the last 2 made me realize a few things - let go of the small stuff more, let kids be kids more, it is hard to say what it really means to be a good parent... until after maybe your kids are well into their adult years...always enjoy your thoughtful blog and pictures. Will miss you at the Dragon Boat festival.

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