June 1, 2010

I had a hunch I wouldn't be alone in venting about laundry, but I was also very happy to get some concrete suggestions and here's what I am doing with them. I am working on re-organizing the kids' clothing storage so they can start putting away their own clothes on a more regular basis. I am also going to try doing one load per day and that includes putting it all away. I am hoping if I can get myself into a daily pattern that one load per day will eliminate the towering piles of clean and dirty clothes and the resentment that comes with those whopper days full of laundry. I am also going to sort through clothes and get rid of anything that has been outgrown and/or is out of season. And if anyone local wants to swap laundry for gardening or toilet cleaning, please let me know! So there. I am writing it down and making it public. Kind of like my New Year's resolution to make my bed each day (which, I am happy to report, has been happening).

So in addition to airing my laundry woes, I have recently been interviewed by Italy Magazine (my first interview!) for their new series called "Blog of the Week". Read the interview to hear my thoughts on Sicilian toilet seats and other tidbits.

Thanks for hanging in there with this odd little blog of mine...toilets, laundry, dumpster are all so good to keep reading. I promise to share some more Sicilian experiences soon.
Duchess said...

Congrats on the interview :0)

likeschocolate said...

Good luck with the laundry- you can do it, and congrats with the interview.

Cami said...

Ah, I would GLADLY swap laundry for gardening. Sigh. Sadly I am not local to Italy.


Nancy said...

Lucia--so much to say, not sure I can fit it all in.

1. Putting away laundry seems to be a big issue amongst my mama friends--most people can manage to wash it, dry it, & even fold it then there's a breakdown in the 'system.'

2. Loved the interview! I know you don't quite feel this way ;) but I feel 'connected' to you--my mother is from Louisiana, they live near Bremerton now, I traveled through Europe as a child, my 2 closest friends with kids have adopted children, and we moved about every 3 years so I know exactly, exactly what you were talking about.

That, plus our kids are 6 and 5, and I can't figure out a good laundry rhythm.

Kelly said...

I, too, have problems putting the laundry away. I've found that if I set a timer for 10 minutes, I can motivate myself to do just about anything. And I usually have plenty of time to spare.

Laurie said...

Great plan about the laundry. And the article is too cool! I agree about Italian eating...seems like Italians appreciate both food and the people you share it with more than most! :)

Dana said...

"for a Cajun girl who grew up in rural South Louisiana, it is a much more exciting life than I ever imagined and I love the fact that my children are already on their second set of passports."

I can totally relate to this. I am also so VERY excited that we are giving Young One the gift of being bilingual. We are fortunate to be able to "homestead" here (though some might think it a drawback) & thus make it possible.

Nice job with the interview. I never tire of reading your thoughts or seeing your photos.

Good luck with the laundry. I'd love to know if you ever find peace with it.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Thanks, guys!

Cami, please move to Sicily! I would love to have a good reading pal close by and swapping gardening for laundry would be the icing on the cake :)

Nancy, so funny to hear about all of the connections. Hope we get to meet in real life one day!

Kelly, I like the timer idea. I set a time for quick clean ups with the kids, but have never thought to do it with the laundry. thanks!

Laurie, when are you coming to dinner in Sicily? You know it is an open invitation, right?

Dana, it always cracks me up to think of two Cajun girls living in Italy. Nice to know you are there to understand my craving for crawfish etoufee and gumbo. And I am right there with you...I also see life in Italy as very positive thing for all of our Young Ones :)

Sue said...

Great interview! I loved reading that. Oh, and I'm glad you are getting your laundry difficulties "ironed" out! *snort*

Shanea said...

A hamper for the kids, one for the master, and a chute to the laundry room makes collection fun for the young. I won't have that luxury much longer. (Wet, heavily soiled clothes go directly to the laundry room sink. Usually an off cycle individual load for the washer.)
The kids don't mind sorting, and they are always interested in the settings and buttons of the washer, so indulge them.
Relegate the majority of the laundry for one day a week, old-fashioned Monday - wash day. Turn on the annoying buzzers and change those loads. Fold the warm, fluffy garments in organized piles for each drawer. If the kids are home, have them take their piles to each appropriate drawer - sock drawer, underwear drawer, shirt drawer, pants drawer. Then I'm left with one basket of mine and hubby's ready for their own drawers. Hubby's socks and undies go in the drawer, the rest I put on the top of the dresser for him to put away.:-)

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