Exploring: Lo Zingaro Reserve

June 22, 2010

We followed the rocky paths up and over hills with spectacular views until we finally reached the Lo Zingaro swimming cove, Calla della Capreria. And as we began our final descent, we could see why our guidebook labeled it one of the prettiest beaches in all of Sicily. That clear, cool water which is perfect for snorkeling and swimming is a very sweet reward and worth every step of the hike. Our weekend trip to Lo Zingaro Reserve was fantastic and we can't wait to get back and do some more exploring. In addition to its rugged coastal beauty, Lo Zingaro is also known for its caves and migratory bird population. The areas that we were saw were clean, well maintained, and truly beautiful.

3 euro admission charge for adults (children under 10 are free).
This is not a stroller friendly hike and may be too challenging for young kiddos without being carried part of the way. Be sure to bring water, food, and sunscreen.
Anonymous said...

That water is absolutely gorgeous. Just waiting for someone to come swim.

Glad all ended well!


Shelly said...

Oh my goodness that is beautiful!, how lucky we are to have such places within our reach!

Gwynneth Beasley said...

How beautiful!

DO you have to pay to go to all beaches over there or was this just unusual because its part of a reserve? Just curious!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Gwynneth, We had to pay an entrance fee for the reserve. It's the only Sicilian nature reserve we have been to so far that had an entry fee but we were happy to support such a beautiful place and on-going conservation. There are private beaches in Sicily that have entrance fees that include the comforts of chairs, umbrellas, changing areas, restaurants, etc. These are called lidos. We haven't been to any lidos yet...another cultural experience that we need to try.

likeschocolate said...

Is that heaven or what?

Juniper said...

I can't believe the colour of the water! Looks like a really beautiful place! I have been busy sewing lately and not been online as much. Miss reading your blog! Hope to do some catching up this weekend.
Will be listening to the Ants fresh air piece this afternoon as I sew! I do listen to the Moth podcast and PRI shorts, am always up for any radio recommendations!!
Greetings from Malta!
x j

The Andres said...

Love your pics, Lucia. We will definitely have to check out the camping/nature reserve once Penelope is bigger. Isn't it so nice to get to that area in Sicily? Everything is so much cleaner and calmer. Glad you had a great time, despite the minor setbacks! :)

Corinne said...

Sigh :)

Nancy said...

Slowly catching up...savoring your posts, so it may take a while.

That blue is simply stunning. Unreal. What a place to go for swim!

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