Plugged In Again

June 14, 2010

So after my last whiny post, things got unplugged....literally and emotionally. A transformer blew out on our street and we were suddenly left without the ability to plug in any appliances. Luckily, we still have lights and air conditioning and we were given one very heavy transformer which has the capacity for two plugs at a time. Today we were given three more transformer units. That doesn't seem like a good sign, but at least it gives us a little more capacity which is how I am now able to catch up a bit on e-mail and blogging. It's amazing to stop and realize how much of modern life is connected to plugs. I took it as a sign from the universe to step back, exhale, and let go of my domestic angst from the past couple of weeks. I have been taking more walks and bike rides. Adam and I have been sitting outside late in the evenings enjoying the breeze and playing bananagrams by the light of a flickering citronella candle. I did a lot of weeding over the weekend which always makes me feel better. It really does. And then I suddenly got the energy to sort through the kids closets and box up items for friends, the thrift shop, and the rag pile for this project. Despite the current heat wave, we got out for a quick hike. And today, I realized that things do feel better around here.
Gwynneth Beasley said...

I feel your pain. We got back from camping and have blown a fuse. I have 20 loads of washing to do and no way of doing it!

Cami said...

Wow. I don't like being unplugged. And yet, when we had our media blackout week, it was SO nice. I like my kids unplugged, but not myself. :)

Duchess said...

Glad to hear you got some power back! That's always hard but sometimes you find fun adventures you didn't know about :0)

Mom2Isabel said...

We lost power yesterday during a storm. I found myself (out of habit) flipping on light switched that I KNEW weren't working. And then I just sat down in the living room and listened to my daughter narrate a whole soap opera about our current situation to her dolls.
The humor and simplicity of it were enough to force my brain to slow down, look and listen to my surroundings. (I felt like I was listening to a lecture on how to approach a railroad crossing!)

"Sitting outside with a breeze...."

Hmm.... Both of those are far, far in the distance for us in the 109 degree heat index weather of late.

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