Wild Animal

April 3, 2009

Camille came to me yesterday with a concerned look on her face and said "I think I have a wild animal in my stomach". Before I even had time to process what she was saying, she started to vomit all over the carpet. Poor Mei-Mei. It was the first time she's ever thrown up and I have say she described it pretty well. It took awhile to console her because that wild animal in her stomach not only spewed forth on the carpet, but also on her beloved bunnies. Luckily she now seems to be fine (no fever, no further episodes). I was worried that our weekend travel plans were going to become very messy and as Camille has learned wild animals in the stomach are just no fun.
morninglight mama said...

Poor girl! I still get so freaked out if I get sick that way, and I do vividly remember being terrified of vomiting as a child.

When JAM was about 3 or 4 he was really sick once, getting sick over and over one evening. He didn't quite get the word we were using, since this was his first real experience with it since being a baby, so all he kept saying was, "Oh no, I have to vominate again!!"

Tisra said...

Poort hing! But what a great description- such a smart girl!

Betsey said...

Kari had "a wild animal" in his stomach, too. It was horrible. And what an absolutely perfect way to describe it. Kari's "animal" totally ruined our spring break plans to Leveanworth - snowboarding, window shopping, and relaxing. He's still hurting. How is she doing?

Cami said...

Oh man, that IS what it feels like. I had one in my tummy the other day too.

Dawn Suzette said...

What an awesome way to describe it! Happy it was a one shot deal... hope she is better for the weekend!
Have a good one!

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