Little Things

April 28, 2009

The black-eyed susans are starting to bloom. These are the kind that grow wild in the ditches in south Louisiana. Bright, cheerful, and tough creatures. Mine came from Aunt Janet's garden. Makes me happy to have plants in my yard that remind me of favorite people and places.

Letters from Adam, my mom, and my grandma. Letters are so good.

This bowl full of color. Beautiful wool roving from my mother-in-law.Waking up to discover Noah reading to Camille. A very sweet way to start the day.

My heels touched the mat during downward dog. It's been over six years since that has happened. May not seem like a big deal but when it happened last week it felt like joy shooting up the back of my legs. Weird, but true and it made me very happy

And this little family of chickens. See that tiny one? That's the egg.
Have any happy little things to share?
Tara said...

Lovely post..... I was thinking yesterday as I changed the beds that happiness really is moments, simple things strung together throughout a life.

The chickens are sweet.

vanessa aka Nessie Noodle said...

oh, lots of goodness happening.
love those chickens!

Mom2Isabel said...

Hmmm...Happy moments in the last two days,huh???Let's see...there is..sleeping with the window open at night, getting my carpets cleaned, my sweet kitty purring on my lap, the smell of honeysuckle, the laughter of my students... and finally... finally, a good night's sleep last night.

Thanks for the reminder of the little things that make us happy. Too often they are overlooked.

Dawn said...

Great post...
So cute he was reading to her.. love that!
Happy for our freak heat wave and water play today!

Darla said...

Heels on the mat. It's a big deal! Congrats on your progress!

Weasel said...

I am super jealous of your down dog!

Watching kids play with bugs makes me giggle regardless of my mood du jour...clothes dryed outside in the breeze, sleeping with the windows open, and big hugs.

Your posts are so refreshing.

Martha said...

Make sure to move those chickens. Nice post and a very informative one about teeth. Dentists are expensive here in Italy. The gum I chew here, Vivident has Xilitolo, probably the same thing. I will be more diligent about having some every day now. I find it in the grocery.

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