Learning in the Garden

April 2, 2009

One thing that gives me great joy is working in the school garden. I love seeing little hands watering, weeding, and harvesting. Love seeing kids run their hands through the herbs and eat broccoli fresh from the garden. Love their curiosity and excitement as they notice the seasons and cycles in the garden. And I love learning with them and from them. A few mornings ago I was helping the kindergarten class in the garden. A few of them were planting watermelon radishes and carrots while the others were watering and counting all of the emerging strawberries. One of the kids suddenly said "ouch". We all turned to see what caused the pain. While rubbing a strawberry leaf on her chin, she quickly realized that the leaf was covered with tiny prickly parts. She then passed the leaf around the group and we all shared in her discovery. A very tactile lesson and one that most adults would never even consider..."what would this leaf feel like on my chin?". Loved experiencing that moment of discovery.
craftymama said...

i love that you can garden at your school! how great. and i love the strawberry leaf on the chin story.

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