An April List

April 13, 2009

Another list of things that we have been enjoying recently:

Lisa Hannigan: check out this and this...amazing! loving her voice, her lyrics, and her creativity.

A Homemade Life: just started this yesterday and can't put it down. Kept seeing it mentioned on other blogs. Thought it was just a cookbook or how to live more domestically. I was so wrong. More on this book once I am finished, but highly recommend putting it on your library list or even better see if Molly Wizenberg is coming to your area for a book signing. And be sure to check out her beautiful blog.

Adventure Stories: Noah's been requesting more adventurous reading. This is a whole new territory for me. I have never really enjoyed wild adventure movies or books. Not a fan of science fiction. Never even seen all of Star Wars. Having a monkey boy is opening my eyes to a whole new world. Not sure I will ever fully leap into the world of adventure but I have to admit that some recent reads with Noah have been surprisingly fun and I have to restrain myself from reading ahead each night after I tuck him into bed.Highly recommend the Extraordinary Adventures of Ordinary Basil series. Hard to go wrong with volcano monkeys, right? And now getting ready to start James and the Giant Peach. Have any suggestions for other adventurous reads a six year old and his mama might enjoy?

Wish: A trip around the world to see how children make wishes. Kind of like the tooth book. Revealing all sorts of interesting traditions...even some we have done like the Loi Krathong festival in Thailand. Whimsical and colorful illustrations make the journey even more enjoyable.

Snacktime: Camille keeps saying "I want those naked ladies to sing" and happily we all agree with her. Although they aren't really ladies they have made a very catchy cd.

Book of Days: every month a new book to download filled with seasonal activities, wonderful drawings, recipes, science experiments, book suggestions, and all sorts of other good stuff. April's edition is especially perfect for us with its focus on butterflies and doesn't shoofly pie sound interesting?
craftymama said...

try "Here Be Monsters" (not scary) and "Peril at Pier Nine" (i haven't read it, but lee and his friend russell really liked it, and it takes place on the island we live on back before they tore down most of the houses and all of the businesses- in the 1950s

Dawn said...

Super fun list! Great music and books!
We really enjoyed the "My Father's Dragon" series by Ruth Gannett... fun little fantasy adventures.
Happy action packed reading! :)

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Dawn...funny you should mention "My Father's Dragon" because Noah picked that out from audio section at the library and started listening to it this afternoon. I'll have to track down the books and start reading them together soon. Sarah, thanks for the suggestions. I'll be adding them to our library list. Cool to have a book about your island...Lee must have loved that.

Francesca said...

My boys loved all the children books by Dhal, and also Kipling, Pullman, King Arthur (there are several versions), Greek mythology, Tolkien (I didn't), Huckleberry Finn, and abridged versions of most classics like Robinson Crusoe etc There is a vast adventure literature for boys, and although I wasn't excited at the idea, I ended up enjoying most of it!

Kellie said...

What lovely things. Thanks so much for sharing. I know I've found a few new favorites here. Isn't the blogosphere a fun place to live?

Tara said...

A Homemade Life is on my wish list..... perhaps it will be an early birthday present :)

I second the suggestion for books by Roald Dahl... my son loved them all. Owen also enjoyed the Time Warp Trio books by John Scieska and the Ghostbusters series by Cornelia Funke.

Anonymous said...

That's where our two differ. Judson has a hard time with adventure/fiction. He's more of a realist. He loves stuff about wars, revolutionary, trojan, etc. Luckily, Randy likes that stuff too. Just hard to find age appropriate stuff. Have you ever read the "Among the (Night, Pond, Meadow, etc) People" books? They are by Clara Pierson. They look interesting. I'm going to try some if I can find them at the library. Hard to find since they are so old. You can order them but I want to make sure they are good before I do that.

Judson did the like The Kite Fighter by Linda Sue Park but it was a bit old for him. I had to explain a lot of stuff. He liked the Kipling stories I've read fairly well.

I love reading your reviews. Have you tried the Black Lagoon Adventures? (MIke Thaler) They are listed on a book list I have.


Dana said...

Six is still little. My sister tried Huck Finn with her son & had some issues with the content that he wasn't yet ready to deal with. Of course, each child is different. The suggestions given are great. I'm keeping you in mind as I read reviews on newly published pieces.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Thanks for all of the suggestions on adventure reading...our library list is growing!

South of Rome said...

I was just thinking about the "book of days" the other day but I couldn't remember what it was called!! Thank you for not forcing me to google random keywords for 2 hours!!

The Solley Five said...

If I didn't know you I would just come here for the recommendations- thanks for sharing all the fun stuff you do with us. I think it'll be fun to look at your blog in 10 years, 20 years...remember all the stuff you did.

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