March 9, 2009

A trip to the thrift store ($5 bike without training wheels), a trip to the bike store (new tire $6), an anxious boy, a patient daddy armed with these tips, a sunny afternoon at the park and within minutes Noah was riding solo! Very exciting and impressive!

Francesca said...

$5?! I now know for sure that I live in the only place on earth where second-hand shops only sell pricey junk:(
Bravo for Noah, and bravissimo for patient Daddy!

Eva said...

that is fast! congratulations, he really is a big boy now. i remember what a nightmare learning to ride a bike was for me... i haven't done it in years.

great tips!

morninglight mama said...

Wow-- what a big accomplishment. I remember going through that process with our oldest a few years back... a few scraped knees, a good dose of frustration (on everyone's parts) and time... and ta da! Yay for your not-so-little boy!

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