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March 5, 2009

Here's a random little post of things I have been enjoying lately. The common theme between them is that they are all quirky and entertaining in their own way. I seem to be in a "quirky" mood lately. Can't tolerate anything too dark or too heavy. Nothing that requires too much thought or substance. We are all just getting over colds. Vacation/honeymoon is over. Adam is back at work. The kids are back in school. And I am trying not to panic about all of the work that needs to be done around this house (serious spring cleaning, starting to think about moving, renting/selling, etc). So these quirky things have been keeping me distracted and smiling:

The Flight of The Conchords: Very funny HBO series about two New Zealanders trying to make it as a band of two in New York City (perhaps this has been around forever, but just new to us?)

French Milk: A very quick and amusing read. A graphic novel about a college student's trip to Paris with her mother.

This music video and this belly one.

Weeds: this is my most recent trashy delight. I started watching the series on Netflix while Adam was gone and I am anxiously waiting for my next dvd to arrive to find out what happens in the third season. A suburban widow living in a gated community who keeps her family afloat by growing marijuana. I love the opening song and all the trashy twists and turns. Kind of like beach reading...I need some junk every now and then and this has my attention right now.

The Little Giant of Aberdeen County
: I couldn't put this down. Very captivating read...interesting characters and beautifully written.

What's been keeping you busy? happy? entertained?
Dawn said...

Fun List! That music video is awesome.. both of them are!
I think I need a few more quirky bits in my life right now... the sisterhood of the traveling pants 2 provided me with some much needed brain candy the other night!

katy said...

I love Weeds. I've heard Flight of the Conchords mentioned a few times . . .think I'd like it. Wonder if I can get my hands on a copy over here.

morninglight mama said...

I've only seen some clips of FOC on youtube, but they have really cracked me up! We watched the first two seasons of Weeds on DVD, but then just kinda dropped it... not sure, but it seemed to lose its appeal for me at least around then.

But I totally hear you on the Little Giant book-- I got a copy of that to review and LOVED it. It was simply fantastic. I think we have fairly compatible reading tastes! :)

Anonymous said...

love love love LOVE Weeds. Enjoy :) So happy your family is reunited!!!!

Eva said...

keeping me happy... the beautiful blogs, including yours!

that big belly art video is so precious. it made me smile, laugh and almost cry... how i wish for another baby.

craftymama said...

yes to Flight of the Conchords- so funny- i especially love- "it's business time"

have you watched "Curb Your Enthusiasm" or "Entourage"? both amazing series. can't wait for the new seasons

hear you on the panic about house stuff- i really think that flower essence i blogged about has helped me so much!

so glad your family is back together- hope everyone is adjusting well. sometimes i think it can be hard even though you missed each other so much!

good trashy series to escape with Outlander, by Diana Gaboldon. boy that grabbed me! it's historical fiction/time travel.

Jessica said...

We also love Flight of the Conchords. It hasn't been around for long--the second season is currently on HBO (my favorite songs this season "Sugar Lumps" and "Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor").

My other favorite junk series is "Entourage". I love it! Season five will begin this summer, seasons 1-4 are all on DVD.

And finally, lets not forget "American Idol". I haven't paid too much attention so far, but now we're getting to the good part.

Now said...

Just finished Man of my Dreams by Curtis Sittenfield. Easy and delicious. I wish I'd read it slower.

Three cheers for Flight of the Conhords!

Now said...

Now = Meredith! SOrry. SIgned in a different account...

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

So good to have some more treats to add to my list....thank you!

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