May 6, 2009

Driving to Noah's opthalmology appointment today I was stuck behind a jeep/small suv vehicle. It had a spare tire on the rear covered with this:"TOO BLESSED TO BE STRESSED". It felt as if the driver was giving me the finger. Large bold, all-caps letters which seemed so snotty, cocky, and superior. Maybe it was just my mood and my anxiety about the appointment, but it just rubbed me the wrong way. Seriously, how can one be human and not be stressed? I have to think even Jesus went through moments of worry, anxiety, and stress. Certainly Mother Teresa had some sleepless nights. Didn't Ghandi occasionally bite his nails?

We are obviously not as blessed as that driver. Looks like Noah will need to have eye surgery before we move. Not fun, not great timing, but not a huge shock.So there is now a little more stress added into the current mix. And that's just how it is. I don't see it as a measure of our "blessed" or "non-blessed" status. I've distracted myself today by trying to think up a good, snappy retort to the Mr/Ms. Too Blessed. But haven't come up with a good one yet. I guess I'd have one already if I had been "blessed" with a quicker wit.
morninglight mama said...

Fantastic, Lucia, just a fantastic post. To me, to be human IS to be stressed at times, blessed or not. (Coming from one who is so clearly NOT blessed!) :)

Amy Whitley said...

Sorry about the needed surgery. Bumper stickers like that make me want to rear-end the car!
This is Amy, by the way, of

katy said...

I much prefer sarcastic, angry, honest bumper stickers. Good news for you, though, bumper stickers are nearly non existent over here!!

Weasel said...

I, for one, think Mother Theresa would be proud of this particular post!

I am so very sorry to hear about Noah's surgery. We have been through two with Cole, so if you want to kvetch with know where I am.

Are you seeing Dr. Herod at Nemours?

Anonymous said...

Boo about the eye surgery. Hope all goes well with it.

I figure anyone that says they're too blessed to be stressed is either on drugs or in denial. Everyone gets stressed at some point. (I sleep with a mouth guard because I grind my teeth. I figure I'm in the "blessed yet stressed" crowd.) The key is knowing what the small stuff is and what the big stuff is and then pointing your energy/stress in the right direction. I like to think stressing is one of my greatest talents. I'm really good at it.

Good luck pulling everything together. I use primal screaming to let it out. (in the car by myself or sometimes I let Judson join in)


Anonymous said...

One more thing, Your Walmart and stressed posts reminded me. I was in Walmart recently with Judson. He was spinning around on the bag trolley thingy. I asked him no less than 3 times to stop. (he was impeding the girls efforts to bag our loot) Finally, I ordered him off. Apparently, it came out much louder than I meant it to or thought it had. I looked up and EVERYONE in the other check out lines was looking at me. I'm thinking to myself, screw it. Next thing I know a little girl I had coached in basketball a few months earlier came up and gave me a hug. Apparently she 'some how' knew I was in walmart and came to say hi. BUt Hey, I wasn't stressed, really. I'm too blessed, right?


Manny said...

sorry to hear about Noah! But he's tough...he'll be fine.

Dawn said...

Come to think of it... I have seen a lot less bumpersticker action up here in Nova Scotia... I don't think they last through the winters! That's a good thing!
I love what you said about Jesus, Mother Teresa and Ghandi... so true!
Best with Noah... not fun!

The Solley Five said...

Bummer but I'm glad you can do all your medical stuff beforehand. It's rough going for people over here who find something out and have to co-ordinate flights, surgerys, child care, lodging and all. Transitions are hard- we've all been there we're stressed with them and blessed with them!

Cami said...

Hmmm . . . I'd think that the MORE blessed the MORE stressed. But that's just me. But true, let's just not make comparisons to our stressed-out status and our blessings. For heaven's! Let's just do away with bumper stickers all together, hmmmm?

Donna W. said...

Lucia: I saw a bumper sticker I wanted. It said "Visualize Whirled Peas!" Says it all!

Donna W.

craftymama said...

i do have to wonder how negatively all the stress i feel affects me and those around me? sometimes i think i make myself more stressed than i need to be. So, while i agree with you, i wonder if i took a big breath once in awhile and realize how 'blessed' i really am, that maybe i would feel better? not to talk you out of your annoyance with the bumper sticker though... :)

what kind of surgery does Noah need? my man had 3 eye surgeries before he was 5, so my heart goes out to you.

xo, trying to say YES more than NO, Sarah

Corinne said...

Oh friend, I'm behind and I just want to tell you sorrow about the surgery stuff. I know you DON'T need lots of extra stress right now :)

Good post, friend :)

Alexis said...

I'm sorry about the eye surgery! Not fun at all! I am sending good surgery and healing thoughts to Noah.

Boy, that bumper sticker annoys me too, and I didn't even see it!

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