Leaving the Nest

May 24, 2009

Our baby cardinals are 10 days old today and right on schedule they have left the nest for the very first time. You can read more about the exciting day here. Waiting to see if they will return to the nest tonight.

Our rain soaked kitty has found a new home. Sad to say good-bye, but good to know he will be safe and loved.

Our friends who came for the weekend have also left. As always, we had a good visit. They are truly some of our favorite people in the whole world. We spent most of the rainy weekend lounging around, eating,talking, reading, and eating some more (very hard to resist Louisiana crawfish and chocolate chess pie!).

The only thing that continues to linger around our nest is the rain. Still raining. And expected to continue through this week.
Kellie said...

Nature is amazing. Birds and kitties and rescue and watching and being involved are so wonderful. I hope the rain is peaceful and warm rather than confining or dull and that it will bring to mind splashing in puddles and exploration and taking gorgeous, atmospheric black and white photos.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

You are right, Kellie. Nature is amazing and we have been enjoying the "show" right before our eyes.

I did a little more research last night and it appears the cardinals will not return to the nest now that they have fledged. The parents will continue to feed them and they should be able to fly pretty well within the next ten days.

affectioknit said...

We love cardinals - so cute - and so happy about the kitty...

Jenny said...

Thanks for the picture of the baby bird! Will loved looking at it!

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