May List

May 12, 2009

A few things we have been enjoying recently:

The Invention of Hugo Cabret: This is a fabulous, adventure book. Great for adults and six year old boys. A mix of text, drawings, photographs. 2008 Caldecott.

Found: All sorts of interesting discoveries.

Douglas Florian: thanks to several of you for this great recommendation. We are all enjoying his poems and illustrations. Currently reading Omnibeasts and Insectlopedia with plans to add more to our library list.

The Thousand Watch Project: I especially love reading the notes attached to the watches (click on one watch at a time). And wouldn't it be fun to have something of yours in the Smithsonian?

Nestcams: we continue to make daily trips to the park where the young owls are getting bigger. Really amazing creatures. We are also lucky to have a nest full of Cardinal eggs by our front door.Don't have your own nests to observe? Check out these.

Bembo's Zoo: amusing and creative

Acorn Naturalists: great resource and very impressive catalogue...for naturalists of all ages and interests.

Dung Beetles: Noah begged to listen to this Fresh Air interview twice on the day it aired (poop and insect weaponery turned him into a fellow Fresh Air junkie!). I have to admit it was interesting and dung beetles have been added to our growing list of possible future pets (cheap to feed them, right?). And a word of caution to coffee and chocolate lovers...don't listen to the final moments if you want to continue loving coffee/chocolate.

Not sure if I will be making any more posts this week. Adam is going to be traveling for work so I will be doing the solo parenting thing again. And the first anniversary of my father's death is quickly approaching. So I find myself feeling the need to just hunker down and withdraw for a little while.
morninglight mama said...

You will be missed online, Lucia, but you most definitely do what you need to do! So glad to see you loving Florian and Hugo Cabret-- it's nice to know we have these shared experiences! :)

I'll be thinking of you this week--

Tara said...

You are enjoying some nice reads there. We just picked up George's Secret Key To The Universe....

I always benefit from a break now and then.... stay well :0)

Weasel said...

Take your time, Lucia. Now and then, I find "hermitting down" an absolute must!

Looks like you have some wonderful things to keep your mind busy and occupied.

You are in my thoughts.

katy said...

Love your lists. The watch project is very cool.

Take the time you need. We'll be here when you return. Promise.

craftymama said...

i'm glad you can take the time you need and admire that too.

Noah might like the CBC science radio show podcast 'Quirks and Quarks' Lee loves it.

i'll be thinking of you- sarah

Dawn said...

Thinking of you...
Thanks for sharing your list!
Must listen to the Fresh Air interview with Fionna!

Colleen Lagarde said...

Thinking of you always Lucia. We love you

Kellie said...

I always miss so much when I get behind on reading your blog. I hope your break is restorative and that you will feel lots of love and support coming to you from all over.

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