Santa Update

December 28, 2008

Thanks for all for the feed-back on the Santa debacle. Santa did indeed leave a spy kit at the big family Christmas party. Poor Noah has had way too many "life lessons" during this past year (and I just couldn't erase that image of him crying in the bathroom). Unfortunately my little guy didn't believe it was from Santa. He is thrilled to have the spy kit, but is convinced it was a gift from my uncle. So I didn't quite succeed in reviving the magic, but he did have lots of fun spying on family members throughout the day.
j said...

oh- poor guy, though i'm glad he got his spy kit!

Lee has been asking me for a year if there really is a santa (he's 7)- he said "i think it's just you and dad getting the presents for us- it's just not logical!" (he's his father's son...) i really didn't want to lie, and i didn't want to wreck the magic, so i asked him "is it more fun to believe in santa or not to believe in santa?" he agreed it is more fun, and that seems to satisfy him!

it's tough, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Maybe you can say, Santa knew your uncle was getting you the gift and he didn't want to duplicate it. It is tough and he's going through a tough time. Good luck.


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