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December 18, 2008

Cards made using this technique and Noah's designs. Trying to keep things simple and homemade this year which is especially busy since Chanukah and Christmas are in the same week. Just like our crazy Louisiana weather (snowing last week, in the 80s this week), I find myself vacillating wildly with my emotions. Feeling like a grinch one minute and weepy with holiday emotions in the next minute. Trying to keep things simple, but fun and festive for the kids. Trying to savor the moments, but also wanting to just be done with the holidays. Missing my dad and Adam. This year feels like a crazy, mixed-up, bittersweet holiday season. Wishing you all the best and hoping we can all find some peace and joy amidst the holiday frenzy.
Sue said...

Wow! What neat cards.

Thanks for visiting me. It looks like you were living in Fukuoka right at the time I was traveling through there on the way to visit my future mother-in-law for the first time. Talk about nervous! My husband is from Saga.

calabanya said...

Hi Lucia! Just went to a festival for your namesake last weekend! Saint Lucy was born here! You are going to have one heck of a party when you arrive in Sicily! said...

Those are beautiful! Some of the best cards I've seen so far! And I'm totally loving the color combo!

Heather said...

Adorable cards. We haven't been able to go anywhere for a week, with snow and ice and living out in the country, so I've been trying to do the rest of Christmas handmade, and I'm having so much fun with it, I think next year we're going to go all homemade! I just love all your cute ideas.

P.S. So sorry about the break-in. :(

Sam said...

I love these cards! They are absolutely adorable :-) It's great that something so simple has such fabulous results.

Thanks for visiting my blog. I use an embossing stylus, like this.

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