Two and half years old

July 29, 2008

In addition to the quickly changing emotions, take note of the recent "trim" she gave her bangs. Our spirited little Mei-Mei is growing up quickly. She is proud of her age as evident in her recently crafted self-introduction: "I am Camille. I am two and half and my Noah-boy is five and half."
Mom said...

Love the haircut! Very Punk. Don't I remember you telling a story about how you cut your sister Lili's hair when you were little? Hair and scissors are just too fascinating to resist.

holly said...

ah, the custom haircut... she didn't do too bad though. what a fun little girl.

Anonymous said...

I try to keep the scissors away. (Since big brother once cut his hair and his shirt with them) Managed to be successful on that. so far. The gum is a different story. Ah well, that's part of it, isn't it?


Anonymous said...

hey-not half bad. at least "her cut" was centered. on the bright side-at least she already had bangs:)
love, jill

Heather said...

Camille and Katy are a lot closer in age than I realized (if this post marks the official halfway point). My little girl will be officially two and a half next week. (And her hair is still recovering from the "trim" her brother gave her back in November...) At least bangs grow out quickly! :)

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