Day 23

July 28, 2008

Adam has arrived in Kuwait. He was able to call us this afternoon and it was so good to hear his voice. Sounds like it is very hot (guess I can't keep complaining about the Louisiana heat). So hot that they don't even need to turn on the hot water...the cold water is already hot and the hot water must be scalding. He is getting settled into the group tent and has already ventured over to the galley for a couple of meals. He's also been running into familiar faces and people he knew from previous duty stations. So glad he made it there safely and is getting settled.

Thank you for all of the recent messages and comments of support. We are so lucky to have so many friends and family members around the world supporting us through this deployment.
Christie said...

Is he staying where he is? My husband was there as a stop over on the way to Iraq and said it was hot like you cant even imagine. But it was funny when he came back to Jersey he was sweating all the time. It was the humidity here making him sweat. Keep you head up. Military women are the strongest of all!!!

Anonymous said...

Thinking about you and the kids a lot! You are very brave and I admire you! I hope you will think about being here for Thanksgiving. Since I will not be working I could give you a lot of sleep-in/"me" time and I could get some special time with Noah and Camille. The girls and Rob would be in heaven! If I send Adam an email at his usual address ,can he pick them up? All of our love!

holly said...

that is very good news.

Corinne said...

oh, the heat. I remember my bro-in-law in iraq telling me how the thermometer read 120 with the needle as far over as it could go - it was even hotter than that. OH MY GOSH.

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