Chair Photos July 2008

July 20, 2008

I took these a few weeks ago since I knew we wouldn't have the chair with us for the next six months. Noah at age 5 and half. Camille at age 2 and half. I especially love Camille dressed as Bob the Builder with a tutu. She loves Bob just as much as Noah did at that age. And as you can tell, Noah wasn't thrilled with the idea of taking photos that day.
Corinne said...

OOOHH the one with Camille in the rockin' shades gets the prize :)

Mom said...

That picture of Camille is priceless! You can tell that she knows just how fabulous she looks in that getup.

holly said...

very fun. I liked reading back on the "history" of it. I love furniture like that with a story. it is beautiful.

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