Summer Table

July 23, 2008

A few of the good things on our table.

Our favorite new kitchen "gadget": a butter pot (not to be confused with pot butter which came up when I did an internet search!). We were introduced to this by our friends, the Bensons (who seem to have every kitchen gadget under the sun) during our March visit to the Northwest. And then we happily discovered one in a kitchen shop in Charleston. Our little butter pot has now been used in South Carolina, Florida, and Louisiana all in less than four months.

Frogs. Noah set the table a few nights ago and added a couple of frogs to the mix. And you know what? It is perfect for a summer table setting.

And the last of the summer tomatoes from yesterday's visit to the New Iberia farmer's market. I discovered that a little miss monkey girl had been enjoying these little treasures...sucking the "marrow" and leaving skins of her discarded tomatoes in the bowl. I guess that's what summer is about right? Sucking the marrow from life/tomatoes and being too lazy, too hot, and living too much in the moment to care about the aftermath...
Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

That's exactly what Lauren does to her tomatoes!

Karen said...

Ok, I have never heard/ thought about this... Will my daughter one day be sucking tomatoes?

When I think of summer I think of festivals! Of all the places I have lived in the US, I will say LA has the BEST ones, from music to food, those people just know how to have a good time! I can't wait to hear about any you make it to. --K

Jessica said...

Maybe not Karen, my daughter won't TOUCH tomatoes! Oh, what did I do wrong? ;)

holly said...

that is funny. I've never thought about eating them that way! :) great photo.

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