Tissue Paper Vases

July 26, 2008

Here's a way to assuage some of the guilt of occasionally feeding my children fast food. We save the little milk containers and recycle them into little vases. Water bottles and other plastic or glass containers would also work well.

Peel the plastic wrapping off.
Tear off strips of tissue paper and apply with a paste (water and Elmer's glue). When we made ours we only had pink and white tissue paper. So we did one vase with only pink tissue paper, one with white tissue paper, and one with a mix of both. We then used water color paint to add color to the white and mixed tissue vases.

Let the vases dry. Then add water, fill with simple summer blooms, and enjoy!
morninglight mama said...

This is great-- I so admire your craftiness. I wouldn't even think of anything but rinsing them out and tossing them in the recycling bin. Consider me impressed.

Also, I am so happy to find that I have all the necessary ingredients for those yummy cookies of the previous post-- As soon as I get my kitchen usuable again, after a dinner with friends last night that just never got cleaned up, I am so making those with the kids! Thanks for sharing!

Diana said...

You are truly amazing!! Those milk containers make beautiful vases with the wonderful lantana of summer! I see why you're always tired! You're such an awesome MOM!!! Always remember that when you are having a cloudy day!!! Our love to Adam when you talk with him.
love, Diana Parker

lisa said...

I was reading your "19 days" post as well as these subsequent ones and I sort of had to laugh. You are a fantastic mom and as your mom commented whatever you are doing as a single parent is "good enough." Honestly, Id say you do more than a lot of us do even with a spouse around!! I usually pride myself on cooking healthy meals from scratch every day- but when PC is gone eggo waffles and McDonalds become perfectly acceptable for dinner....its all about having realistic expectations I guess. I think you are doing a great job when I read all these posts of what you are up to! The vases are adorable. :)

holly said...

these are lovely! the shape of the container really makes it. I actually had a similar craft in mind for this week with my kiddles, only I found it in our great idea book "Unplugged Play". Great minds think alike!

PS my 4yo daughter likes the vases and paint and wanted to know who made them. so of course I "introduced" her to your kids. :)

The Solley Five said...

you are SO awesome!

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