Succulent Gifts

December 9, 2010

So easy, so green, and so succulent! I wish I could ship these across international borders because I love how quickly and easily these suckers grow. I wrapped these little pots in gold ribbons for the "photo shoot" but since Camille helped to plant these for her teachers, I'll see if she wants to personalize them even more with a bit of acrylic paint. Read more at The Magnifying Glass and be sure to check out the other fun gifts from nature. Are you growing or gifting anything green this holiday season?
Maryam said...

What a wonderful idea :)
We tried (and failed, but at least I figured out why) to grow new jades from a single leaf. It happens all the time by accident, but doing it on purpose was a different experience. I'd like to try it again soon.

Today was my mother's birthday, so we gave her a fern for her bedroom. I just love ferns and today I found out she does, too. :)

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Here's what has worked with Jade for me. Take a cutting with leaf and stem, not just a single leaf. Let it dry out for several days to a week. It will start to form what looks like a callous on the cut end. When that has happened, plant the cutting in dirt and water sparingly. Hope that helps.

I love ferns, too. What a nice gift for your mom. I really do think plants are wonderful gifts.

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