Exploring: Parco dell' Etna

December 6, 2010

Yesterday our friends showed us one of their favorite hiking areas on Mt. Etna. It was beautiful, but very cold compared to the sunny 70 degree weather we have been experiencing at the base of the mountain . When I loaded up the car, Adam was teasing me about bringing way too many jackets and hats, but his teasing quickly turned into appreciation when we climbed out into that brisk mountain air. We did a quick little hike in an area that was fairly flat and even had a paved trail for part of our hike. I love the interesting mix of nature that is found on this active volcano of ours:  beautiful pine trees, wispy grasses, rose hips, clumps of dried thistles and other prickly plants, some snow, and black lava rocks. In just a few more weeks that whole area will probably be covered with snow and hopefully we'll return in thicker jackets and snow boots to do a bit more exploring. 
likeschocolate said...

It does look cold, but very beautiful!

Nancy said...

So beautiful! And that 'dad' story with the coats sounds mighty familiar--my husband would go without a coat year 'round if he could stand it.

I really love the photo with the rose hips (?) if that's what they are--captivating.

Dawn said...

Looks like a great hike Lucia. Lava is so amazing. And that things can grow on it... even more amazing.
How I hear ya about the cold weather gear... how many times I have heard that. So much better to be prepared!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Dawn, it is amazing to see what will grow in lava. I also think it is part of the reason that so much the local produce here is so amazing.

Glad I am not the only mama who gets caught up on the coat issue! Although, it really does convince me that I have turned into my own mother since I can remember her so clearly hounding me to keep my hat on and zip up my jacket.

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