December Garden: The Taming of the Shrew?

December 15, 2010

Can you believe it's December and we still have eggplants in our front garden? Unfortunately, we also have something else going strong in our garden. It seems like we have been invaded by a tunneling fiend that likes broccoli and marigolds (yes, marigolds), but thankfully doesn't like lettuce.  My hunch is a Sicilian Shrew, but we have not had any sightings to make an official id. I am hoping that getting some cooler weather might discourage him/her/them from the rampant digging. Anyone ever dealt with something like this in their yard/garden? Any suggestions to prevent me from turning into a grouchy, garden shrew?
likeschocolate said...

You might try hair from your hair brush. I know this works with deer. They don't like the smell of humans. I know tabacco works for moles, but shrews not so sure of. One year I had squirrels who ate all of my tulips. All 100 of them. I just about cried.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

I would have cried about the tulips, too! We don't have any squirrels or deer here, but hair can't hurt so I'll give it a try...can't wait to hear what the neighbors have to say about me stuffing hair into the numerous holes and hills in the front yard:) Tell me more about the tobacco and the moles...I have all sorts of strange images in my head regarding moles and tobacco!

Dawn said...

That eggplant is HUGE!!! How fun to have a December garden.
Wish I had some shrew advice. We only had deer issues here this summer.

katy said...

That eggplant is *insane.* We have moles, but I'm just ignoring them (well, until spring time.) Good luck with the shrews and do let us know if you find an effective way of dealing with them.

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