December List

December 22, 2010

Family Tree:  a festive, glowing, collaborative beauty of a tree.

Pandora Joys: right now I am loving the Diana Krall Holiday station and the Dolly Pardon station (seriously, if that station doesn't make you sing and dance while doing the dishes, then something is wrong with you or perhaps you should spend a summer working on a dude ranch). 

Food Court Magic: I am sure you have all seen this a million times already, but it really is moving and makes me wish I could have been there.

Weird and New: It's that time of year for top ten lists and this one is quite unique.

Historic: And it's about time. Makes me very glad we took the time to fill out those surveys we got earlier this year.

Awkward and Thought Provoking: the photos got me laughing and the related post had me nodding in agreement.
Thin Spaces: Eren's thoughtful post has been perched in my mind for the past few weeks.
Nancy said...

What a great list of things!
I for one am nearly the last to see the latest YT viral video, so that was a treat! Actually made me tear up big time.

& hooray for Internet radio, podcasts, and the like! My personal fav is BBC Radio, esp. ch 4 which has narrated and dramatized novels and plays. They are often on 'listen again' for about a week later if you can't hear them live (which is often for me!)

Loved all your other links too--beautiful & interesting & moving--thanks for this!

Corinne said...

Okay, I REALLY liked the "thin spaces" article a lot. I'm going to pass that one on :)

Francesca said...

Thank you Lucia:)! Merry Christmas!

nicole ...given said...

food court magic. i love it :)

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