Moving: Week 4

June 28, 2009

Spent our third week of "moving" lounging on the beach. Highly recommend that for all future moves. But we are now back and faced with another week of moving preparations. This week's list will be shaped by Noah's surgery and his recovery. Luckily my mom is with us and that will be a big help in so many ways. Strangely this happened with our last move. My mom flew to Japan when poor Camille had emergency neurosurgery right before our move. Hopefully this will be the last time we have any other surgeries combined with pack-outs. Not a recommended combo.

This week's list:

-Noah and his recovery (top priority and may be the only thing that gets done this week)
-Attend Adam's hail and farewell/graduation party for his residents
-Buy and use large plastic boxes for storing winter clothes. Sounds like storage will be a big issue for us in Sicily so hoping some organization on this end will help.
-Continue to whittle down toys/books/clothes for donations
-Get that rug cleaned (still haven't done that!)
-Change magazine subscriptions to our new address
-Get the kids' dental records from their civilian dentist
-Find a buyer for Adam's car who is willing to let us keep it until our departure day (dreaming but hoping something like that would work out)
-Continue working on getting our house ready for renters (exterior painting nearly completed, need to do interior touch-up, replace some blinds, yard work, etc).

Francesca said...

What a busy time! Warm wishes for your son's surgery and quick recovery.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Thank you, Francesca.

Cami said...

I wish I had a beach nearby. I like that idea.

So, Jefferson was supposed to have surgery just before we moved from Maryland, but we moved one week too early. We haven't actually rescheduled it . . .hmmm . . . bad mommy. (It's actually just sedation dentistry, I'm hoping if we wait long enough he won't need sedation.) I don't like those kinds of things during moves. Perhaps if I ever call the dentist I'll have the same thing again when I move to a different house.

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