Moving: Week 2

June 14, 2009

Movers come tomorrow for our express shipment. 1000 pound limit for bare essentials that will be in Sicily when we arrive (a few dishes, towels, sheets, toys, clothes, etc). Not nearly as stressful as the big pack-outs that will happen in July, but still takes some preparation and planning. Last week we started placing items for tomorrow's shipment in our dining room and it has grown to a towering pile. Camille began to panic a bit today when she saw some of her favorite books and toys amidst the pile. She was only six months old when we did this before so it has been a bit unnerving for her. Very sweet to watch Noah reassure her that all of our things will be waiting for us in our new house. Moving is hard for all ages, but three seems to be especially tricky since it is such an abstract and foreign concept.

Things checked off of last week's list:

-Our Italian Visas have arrived
-We have a painter schedule to start later this week
-Our van is on it's way to Sicily

Things on this week's list:

-Get rugs cleaned
-Find a Chimney Sweep (can't help but think about Mary Poppins)
-Start packing for our upcoming beach week with my mom's family
-Start separating all of our remaining household items into one group for storage and one group for final shipment to Sicily
-Figure out some Father's Day gifts...oops how did this sneak up on me?
-Attend good-bye party hosted by friends from the preschool
-Check out children's books about moving...any good suggestions?

Lynnie said...

That's so interesting! My concept of weight is so bad that upon hearing "1000 pounds only" I'd probably feel like weighing each box to be sure I wasn't off by 500 pounds! Best of luck!

Dawn Suzette said...

Wow! That is a list...
At least your fitting in a beach week! Like that!
The only book I read to the kids before we moved was the Barenstain Bears "Moving Day"... Wish I had some more suggestions for you!

Heather said...

So much to do! Hope the list is getting shorter. My only moving book suggestion isn't really a picture book from the library, but one you could make for Camille (in your copious spare time): fill a small photo album with pictures of your house, your backyard, your neighborhood, her teacher, and others who form a part of her daily life now, and then when you've gone, she can still have a bit of them with her to help with the transition. Good luck with everything!

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