Sand Masks

June 29, 2009

Another beach project from last week: sand masks. All that's needed is sand, one bucket for ocean water,plaster of paris, another bucket and shovel for mixing the plaster, and treasures collected along the beach. More complete directions found here. Not all of the masks worked out (some fell apart because of too little plaster, others were washed away by waves, etc) but overall a fun and unique beach souvenir.
Francesca said...

I love these! Did you find all those shells on the beach? We hardly ever find any (perhaps because we don't really get tides)

Coleen said...

Totally copying this idea this weekend in Captiva Island!

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish said...

Francesca, yes all of the shells were from the beach in front of the house where we were staying...the kids and my uncle found them. Curious to see what kinds of shells we will find in Sicily. Have this dream of one day organizing our shell collections from different spots where we have lived. It is so interesting to see the variety. Curious that you don't have many on your local beach.
Coleen, Have fun this weekend! Sounds like a great way to celebrate the long weekend.

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