Sand Art

June 29, 2008

Last year in Navarre we made tie-dye t-shirts. Sand was the medium of choice this year! As part of our Family Olympics everyone took part in the sand sculpture challenge...sea turtles, crabs, a huge octopus, and a textured pelican...all in front of our beach house. The winning sculpture was not however a sea creature. It was Willie. Willie mooning a sailboat.

Noah and Isabella also made their own sand art to bring home. Super easy and super fun. Here are the ingredients: sand, food coloring, funnels, spoons/shovels, and plastic bottles with tops.

Divide sand into small bowls. Add food coloring and mix well.Pour into plastic bottles using spoons and/or funnels. Alternate the colors to create a layered look.
Sand Art in a bottle.
Heather said...

I love the sea turtle with the shells on its shell! And I'd never thought of adding food coloring to sand to make sand art in bottles. I'll definitely have to file that one away for our next beach trip...

holly said...

that is fun! my kids are sand maniacs. my 4yo color obsessed daughter would spend all afternoon on a project like that! : )

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