Chapel Hill Retreat

June 8, 2008

Today is our last day in Chapel Hill. It has been a good week for all of us. Adam graduated from his fellowship....we are all very proud of him. The kids were happy to be out of the car. I have finally been able to start catching up on sleep. We rented a house in a very interesting co-housing community. It has been fun to experience this unique way of life....33 families, jointly owned land (many acres of beautiful woods, ponds, paths with bunnies, deer, and ticks (not so appealing!), homes with very green design (solar energy, rain barrels, etc), community house for group dinners once a week, the kids run free each afternoon, edible landscape (no grass to mow, just walk along the paths and pick strawberries, figs, peaches, asparagus, herbs, etc). Adam and Noah especially enjoyed the evening games of kickball for all ages (players from 5-5o+).

Other highlights of the week included a visit to the NC Botantical Garden which has a fabulous herb and fairy garden (even a little mail box to leave letters for the fairies). A very happy return to Weaver Street Market and Maple View Ice Cream. But the most fun part of the week was spending time with friends. Leslie who has been my friend since 8th grade took me out for a true day of girly fun. Starting with the chick flick "Sex in the City" movie, a little shopping, lots of laughing, and ending the evening at a cool little wine bar. The next day we met up at a Marbles Kids Museum with two college friends, Amy and Jill and their families. The kids had so much fun together that we continued the day by hanging out at Jill's house and ended the evening with a game of cards at our house. Felt so good to be with friends who have known me for so long. Felt so good to laugh, good to pick up where we all left off, and good to see a new generation of friendships forming.
Corinne said...

I love the co-housing idea - love it. I'm so glad you got to have some real down time with old friends :)

Kellie said...

It sounds like just the sort of week to end your NC time with. Lovely.

Heather said...

That co-housing community sounds so idyllic. I'm glad your were able to have such a relaxing, restorative time.

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