Officially Nuts

June 30, 2008

That's what we are. Just to add some excitement to our final week together before deployment, we decided to take on some major house renovation work....finally getting around to replacing that wood floor that was damaged by our water heater back in March. Remember that? And since we were doing the hall we decided to go ahead and replace the carpeting in our family room with wood. Sounded like a good idea at the time. Now it seems crazy. The guys are supposed to start today, but still no sign of them. Why should that surprise me? We have horrible luck with home renovation projects. Remember our kitchen? our landscape fiasco? And yet I am strangely numb. I guess that's what happens when you have so much stress in your life.

Reminds me of those list of life stressors. Loss of close family member? check. Moving? check. Mortgage or loans? check. Change in work responsibilities? check. Vacation? check. I think there is a problem with this little life stressor test. Surely, if vacation is considered a life stressor then potty training, military deployments, child-induced sleep deprivation, and home renovation work should be on that list. Needless to say our score is high and yet I can remember feeling more stressed at other points in my life when only a handful of things were happening. I would love to think I have finally mastered the impossible art of stress management, but really I just think I am on some kind of weird cruise control function with a heavy dose of denial.
Heather said...

Eeks! I just read about your past home renovation disasters. I sure hope the floor goes more smoothly!

holly said...

Wow. Deep Breaths. At least you're getting all the craziness over all at once, right?? I hope your floor project goes better than the other two!!

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