Paint and Books

June 30, 2008

We knew we needed to paint the family room and had hoped to do it before putting in the new floors, but with all of the recent events it just didn't happen. Then the guys showed up today and said they could paint and do the floors. So I rushed out to look at paint samples. I hate picking paint colors. I know some people enjoy it, but I don't. It makes me feel very anxious. Way too many choices. Way too many subtle differences. And I get distracted by the names. If I like the color but don't like the name, I just can't do it. Today I picked up one sample with the name "desert fortress"....I don't want our family room to feel like a fortress and we certainly don't need any reminders of the upcoming desert trip Adam will be taking. I brought home a couple of different samples with more pleasing names to try on the wall.

To counteract the stress of frantically picking a paint color, I headed to the library. Adam was at home with the kids so that meant I had the luxury of actually browsing the stacks. I usually do all of my browsing these days on the computer and then place holds....way too crazy to try to pick stuff out with kids in tow. But today I felt like a pig rolling in mud. Seriously. It felt so good to have the tactile experience of browsing and leisurely picking out things that appealed to me. I ended up with an eclectic mix of books which I will add to my Shelfari shelf. The African tribal decoration book is really unique...could make for some interesting inspiration for Halloween and made me miss my Anthropology classes. And the felt book reminded me to pack up my felting stuff for our Louisiana move. I love Isabel Allende's fiction, so I am eager to read her memoir. And how could I pass up a book that combines my two loves: travel and literature? It is crazy to even be checking things out when we have so little time left but I just couldn't resist and books are an important part of my sanity (or what's left).

Two very different selection experiences in the same afternoon.
Heather said...

I hear you on the paint names-- whenever I look at the color on the wall, in the back of my mind I think of its name, so I have to like the name and not just the color. (But I do enjoy picking out paint colors). I've often wondered who gets the job of naming colors, anyway?

Oh, and yeah for kid-free browsing at the library! :)

Morena, Andy, Dominic & Christian said...

Good luck with the paint colors. I hate doing that stuff, too.

Have you seen any books by Aronzo Aranzi? I just bought "Let's Make Cute Stuff" and am itching to make some of the project. Soooo reminds me of Okinawa.

holly said...

browsing at the library? what a treat!

I'm with you on the paint colors. For our front room, I had to find a very specific shade of pinky beige and the one that matched the dated pinkish fireplace brick was called "Toast". Not the end of the world, but I don't think it looks anything like toast. At least our family room has the best name of all "Babbling Brook" a lovely blue that I think I blogged about already. Still makes me smile. I say you make up a name if you find a color you love but not the name.... :)

Joni said...

How neat to hear that you enjoyed our book on literary travel in the midst of your painting and moving mayhem! Good luck with everything--your life sounds really chaotic at the moment. Thank goodness for books to help keep us sane during times like these!

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