Navarre Beach 2008

June 29, 2008

We just returned from our annual trip to Navarre Beach with my mom's family. In honor of the upcoming summer Olympics we held our own Family Olympics. The last time we had the Olympics in Navarre it was in the early '90s (exact year still up for debate). Everyone was divided into teams (Crabs, Dolphins, Sea Turtles, and Pelicans) and each day there were challenges for each of the teams. Some of the favorite challenges were: Family Jeopardy (with interesting categories like "Dead Aunts", "Recipe for Disaster", and "Car Trouble"), shell collecting, beach obstacle course (the water portion was eliminated when a small shark swam by Michell's legs), cake decorating, spades (card tournament), and the newest event "Hair Test" (a photo quiz developed by Willie and Charlie).
The weather and the water were great this year. A few days of calm, clear water perfect for floating on a raft. And a few days of huge waves good for boogie boarding. We ate well (except for those unfortunate family members who caught the stomach bug going around the beach house). We read. We visited. We saw dolphins, crabs, jellyfish, a water spout, and a sea turtle swimming along the edge of the water. It was another memorable week.

Camille and Willie
Jennie said...

Love the picture of Willie and Camille! Doesn't he look just like a pirate with his fair admirer?

Betsey said...

It looks like amazing weather and beautiful environs to enjoy family and fun. So glad you had this time.

I thought it was a perfect pirate/admirer photo too. :)

Corinne said...

That beach is SO VERY lovely!!! I'm so glad you had a good time. I love the Olympics idea :) Your family is so tight, it's really neat.

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