Doctors and Police and Workmen,Oh My!

March 23, 2007

Sorry for the lack of recent posts. It has been a very busy couple of weeks for us. I'll start with the most recent events. Noah had hernia surgery yesterday at the local Childrens Hospital. We got very lucky and our friend, Ann (THANK YOU!), was his nurse which made it a little easier...although it was still hard to see him being rolled away in the wagon towards the operating room. He spent the hour before surgery playing with all sorts of cool toys in the playroom so he was pretty pissed when he woke up from surgery...he kept saying "Who did this to me?!". He is doing great and seems to be recovering quickly. When we returned from the hospital we found a huge mess. Our yard was filled with workmen, big holes, and a police officer had dropped by earlier to press charges. It all started with the installation of an irrigation system and ended up in a big mess when the guys installing the system failed to check where lines were buried. They ended up cutting into the major line for our neighborhood's phone service, our cable service, and the electric dog fence previous owners had installed. It took the phone company most of the day to get phone service going again...a great way to make ourselves known in the neighborhood. The police are pressing charges against the irrigation guys but the guys have conveniently disappeared and who knows when all of these trenches in our yard will be filled (a great obstacle course for our monkeys complete with all of these cable lines that are waiting to be buried again by the phone and cable companies).

So once again another home renovation project gone bad. Stay posted as the saga continues.
Nana and Poobah said...

Oh My! is right! Yikes!
Noah looks like he was thoroughly enjoying his "trip" in the wagon. How adorable and what a great idea. We are glad to hear he is doing well and hope that your 'mess in the yard will soon be resolved."

Jessica said...

Hum, I'm starting to think that home ownership is not the best for you guys. :) But seriously, hang in there!

And we're glad that Noah is feeling better--poor little guy.

TaiwanMommy said...

How lucky you are to have Anniebananie close lucky for Noah!

I'm glad all is well again!


Ann said...

Noah was a great patient. And hopefully he doesn't associate me with any of it!!!

Call me if you need another irrigation company!!

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