Family Travel Tips #2

April 10, 2008

Air Travel
With our recent flights still fresh in my are a few lessons we have learned. On this most recent trip, I came to the realization that flying across the country on a domestic flight is far worse than any international flight. I am shocked by how things have changed. There is an additional charge for curbside check bags, to buy pitiful "snack packs" during the flight, to watch a movie, etc. Next time I am packing my own toilet paper because I am sure that on future flights there will be a charge for that, too. International flights are long and get old quick, BUT at least there is food, entertainment, and pillows (although those are kind of gross if you think about it for too long).

So our tips for surviving air travel (in addition to carrying lots of cash) are:
1) Pack lots of interesting snacks (lollipops and fruit gummies are good for take off and landing, but chocolate is not a good in-flight snack because it can very messy!)

2) Dental floss and buckles keep toddlers happy (seriously both of our kids have spent more time with these two items or similar "real" things instead of the numerous toys we packed)

3) Wrap all toys in tissue paper (everything is more exciting and festive when wrapped, right?) and hand out travel "presents" (doesn't need to be new toys) throughout the trip

4) Ipod loaded with music and movies

5) Blank sketchbooks, crayons, and markers with attached lids, small magnadoodles are good, and light weight paper back books or fabric books

6) Finger puppets or barf bag puppets for some in-flight entertainment

7)This makes traveling with car seats so much easier (really does work well)

8) Always pack extra wipes, extra clothes and extra diapers. We were reminded of this lesson last summer.

9) Be sure to do lots of running between flights and see if the airport has any kids play areas. Seems that a lot of international terminals (especially in Asia) have indoor kid spaces (Taipei, Seoul, Okinawa are some good ones that come to mind). Haven't come across too many in domestic airports (but a mama can dream, right?)
10) Don't forget to pack extra patience, humor, antibacterial hand gel, dark chocolate, Advil and Benadryl!
Mom said...

If they start charging for toilet paper I think I'll just stay home!!!

Ann said...

I am so not looking forward to that flight. You're gonna have to tell me how to make it through that one!!

Jessica said...

I swear, the gogo Kidz thing is probably the greatest travel tip you've ever shared. We LOOOOVE ours!!!

With all the recent flights snafus I'm very grateful we aren't flying anywhere anytime soon.

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