Life is Good?

June 22, 2007

We returned this morning (at six am) from a beach trip with Adam's family. It was great to see all of the kids playing together. Lots of fun family moments on the beach, around the puzzle, and just hanging out together. Unfortunatedly our return trip home was not quite as pleasant. LAX is a not a fun place to fly out of at 10:30pm with two beach worn kiddos. The lines were crazy, the people weren't friendly or helpful, our reservations were screwed up, and by the time we got to the gate we only had a little time before boarding (although we arrived three hours early!).

As we are sitting there waiting to board, I felt a warm sensation on my belly. It quickly dawned on me that Camille was peeing on me! And not just a little bit. We were both soaked with urine (guess that diaper change thing got overlooked in the stress of checking in). Camille had already used up her spare set of clothing after spilling an entire bottle of water on herself in the car. And I didn't bring any extra clothes for myself. Adam quickly jumped into fix-it mode. He stripped Camille of her wet clothes, took his shirt off in the middle of the airport, handed me his undershirt, and directed me to the nearest restroom so I could change into his undershirt and dry Camille's clothes under the hand drier. Good idea except the bathrooms at LAX don't have hand driers! I then made a mad dash to the nearby shops praying there might be one with children/baby clothes. Luck was with me! I was able to run back to the gate (in my urine soaked jeans...could have been worse...I think vomit smells worse than urine) with a new romper for Camille. The front of the romper printed with the words "Life is Good"...a message from the universe? from urine comes happiness and the realization that it is the simple things in life like clean clothes and dry bottoms that make life good. Traveling with kids is never dull! And speaking of travel. We will load up the van tomorrow morning, drive five hours, and spend another beach week with family. This time with my family in Navarre. Stay posted for that trip...I am sure there will be some stories to share.
shelley said...

You are so brave to have a story like that to tell and in the next sentence talk about another trip. Hope this one is not as wet.


Karen said...

Ciao Lucia, I am desperate for a family beach week! We're hoping to spend a good chunk of next summer 'back home' (San Diego/ Annapolis). About the photos, I'm using them for a book to be sold through the NEX here (also on AMAZON! but I try not to think about the world critiquing it! or else I would NEVER do it!!) The book basically details my culinary adventures through Eastern Sicily. Most likely a boring read, but it was fun to research!

Sherry said...

Oh you poor thing... LAX & Urine. I feel your pain. Matt & I were stuck at LAX for 10 hrs a couple days before Christmas w/ a 7mo Kobi. Add urine into that and I'd just want to cry:)

*The things mama's get to endure. LOL!

The Solley Six said...

welcome back! we've had a couple trips like that...probably will have a few more. i'm sure in 10 years we'll be able to fly without 5 sets of spare clothes in the carry on. i used to just bring one for me and one unisex kid set (B & J wear the same size) and only one kid could need a whole clothing change mid-flight...right? no, we carry 5 sets whenever we fly now.

Unknown said...

LAX huh?

Know anybody that lives near there?

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