To be expected

April 2, 2008

Our first destination yesterday was the local library where we purchased our visitor's card to use for the month. We happily headed towards the children's area and started hunting. All was going well until Camille got hungry and demanded to eat in the library. I was in the midst of checking our books out when her demands turned into a full fledged tantrum that culminated in her rolling on the ground screaming at the top of her lungs "poopybutt" over and over and over again. The situation was not helped any by the librarian who seemed to be moving as slow as molasses and by Noah who started yelling "Mama, she's calling you a poopybutt, make her stop". I could not get us out of that library fast enough (tantrums sound even more dramatic in quiet libraries with everyone staring!)

I know I shouldn't be suprised. Tantrums are part of being two. Expecting to have needs met immediatedly is also part of toddlerhood. But the "potty talk" is all part of being a second child. She wouldn't have had those lovely words to yell at me if she had received some training from her big brother.

It took her quite awhile to calm down from her tantrum but once we got home she very sweetly climbed up in a big chair and started reading her library books to "Baby Julian". This is the stage when I remember thinking Noah was minute crazed and the next as if nothing had the ride is starting all over again with Mei-Mei.
Corinne said...

wow do I feel your pain Lucia. My sons are maniacs in the library. They love it there, but the "quiet voice" is VERY much still under construction. Church is a similar story :)

Tisra said...

I am SOOOO there right now with our three year old princess! The "pooybutt" part had me laughing out loud, though. You've blessed another mom- because during any rough patches in the day today, I am going to think of that and smile. Thanks. :-)


Betsey said...

Oh, Lucia, that was a "laugh out loud" post. Brings back so many memories. Thanks so much.

Kellie said...

As Betsey said, I have been where you are. Just think though, it is sooo much easier for you to come up with great blog posts. Teenagers are just not as interesting. :o)

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