Rice, rocks, and lighthouse

April 27, 2008

This is what we were doing the day we got the call about my dad's complications. Noah has become increasingly interested in "models"....spurred on by visits to the Marine museum on Parris Island (lots of battle scene models), this book from the library, and his trip to the train museum. The first part of the morning was spent collecting items from the yard and house (rocks, rice, pasta, leaves, corks, bottle top, graham crackers, toliet paper roll, tinker toys, etc). The second stage was pouring and sorting. Camille was heavily involved in this part of the process. She loved the different textures. Scooping and dumping. The third stage took place while Camille took her nap (hard to construct a model/scene with an active toddler scooping and dumping over and over again). Noah wanted to build a beach scene with a lighthouse as seen below. We all had fun and I think there will be many more "models" and trays of sand/bean, rice in our near future. Seriously this is good stuff for all ages.
Heather said...

I just love the fun things you do with your kids. Such an inspiration.

holly said...

that's beautiful. very creative. I'm glad you've been able to get re-settled a bit and get your own hands back in the garden.

www.pepperpaints.com said...

Love these kind of projects!! We had a rice table for a while and I just pitched the rice for fear of bugs after having it for out few years. Time to refill!

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