April 2, 2008

Yesterday I was finally able to exhale. After several crazy days of insurance people, plumbers, and floor guys the kids and I were finally able to drive up to join Adam in South Carolina. As I was driving I could finally feel my body relaxing. We spotted four rainbows in between rain showers and we had quite a memorable dinner stop. After picking up dinner from McDonald's (which my children call Old McDonald's) at a large truck stop, we sat in the parking lot facing a pine forest covered with wisteria...amazing amounts of wisteria. As we were sitting there, a mama hen emerged from the trees followed by several fuzzy baby chicks. The sick part of this sweet little dinner show was as I was sitting there with my two little chicks they were happily munching on chicken nuggets (which after reading Omnivore's Dilemna I swore they would never eat again). The dinner show ended with a serenade from a rooster perched in a tree by our van. Seemed so strange to watch this little nature scene in the midst of a busy truck stop....did the chickens escape from a truck and decide to claim this little patch of forest for their own?

We awoke this morning to sunshine and beautiful marsh views. I am so glad we are here.
Jessica said...

Congrats on making it! Is that your rental house? You were cracking me up with the chicken story. ;) I'll have to give you a call later!

Amy, Ryan, Aidan & Lauren said...

I've been enjoying your updates...glad you are feeling more relaxed and that your family is all together. I laughed out loud about Old McDonald's because that is what Aidan calls it, too.

Karen said...

hmmmm tell me more about South Carolina! If I come there can I live in a little pink house??

Weasel said...

YEAHHHHH!!!!! Your there!

I loved the chicken paradox. You have such a way with connecting the dots. That book is going to haunt us forever.

Have a great time.

Mom said...

The house looks charming and I am glad to hear that you can finally take a breath. I loved visualizing the scene with the mother and her chicks, while Noah and Camille munched on Chicken nuggets!!
Enjoy your time at the beach!

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