Hospital Update 4/25/08

April 25, 2008

The scope yesterday revealed that there is inflammation in the tissue of the lungs. They started him on steroids to decrease the inflammation. This morning they took him back to the operating room to perform a Tracheotomy which the doctors hope will prevent infection and help him to wean off the ventilator more easily. I am feeling extra worried this morning about the surgery because he is in such a weak state, but hoping that all will go smoothly. I'll try to post an update after he is out of surgery. We are all ready for some good news and sign of improvement. Hoping the steroids will make an impact and not cause further complications with his healing.
Kellie said...

I hope your travel goes smoothly and that you'll let us help out again. If you fly up here, BWI airport is an EASY 20-minute drive for me. We're with you, friend!

Weasel said...

We hope all goes well today. I am pleased to know they were able to identify the lung complications and have a game plan for attacking the issue.

Sending our prayers and thoughts your way. Travel safely!

Jacqueline said...

Hi Lucia,
Please let your mom know that I am available to do anything in the Lafayette area that needs doing. My cell is 337 781-1273. The team is on task here!

Love to all,
Jackie Lyle

Corinne said...

Oh, I really hope that helps. I'm thinking about you. Call me if you need me :)

Ann said...

I hope it went okay. I know this is a tough time for your whole family.

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