Plumber and Mechanic

March 30, 2008

I know I should be happy with whatever profession my children choose in the future. Currently Noah vacillates between being a garbage truck driver, tiger trainer, and taxi driver. But I would really, really like it if one could become a mechanic and the other one could become a plumber. Seriously every family should have one of each, right? It is now early Sunday morning and the emergency plumbers are here "helping" us for a very "nice" fee. They are nice guys and it is a relief to know we caught the problem before leaving town....50 gallons of water stagnating in our house for a month would not have made for a happy homecoming! But back to my original thought/desire...I hope I have a future plumber and mechanic in the making. Now to stock our home library with plumbing and mechanical books for kids.
Kobi, Mijal, Jorge and Laura said...

Hang in!!! A few more hours and you'll be heading for better, nicer, calmer, more enjoyable times.

Weasel said...

Are the stars in such misalignment right now? I hope it all worked out and that you are enjoying beach life far and away from reality.

Ann said...

OHHHHH and you need an AC worker too, so that means you need just one more.....

the clan mccawley said...

HOLY MACARONI BATMAN. I just caught up on my blog reading and am sitting here with my mouth hanging open at all the chaos in your life as of late! My friend, YOU NEED A VACATION FROM LIFE. I was so sorry to hear about Adam's grandfather, please know my thoughts are with you.
The kids sound great and fun and happy! And congrats to Adam on the award. He SO deserves it.
PLEASE get some sleep and some rest and maybe YOU won't end up at the park in YOUR undewear. Enjoy your travels and family time. We, too, are stocking up on family time in preparation.
Miss ya!

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