Portland Museums

March 19, 2008

My first trip to Portland was when I was around ten (one of our stops during our summer long train trip around the United States). I remember being so impressed by the science museum and was excited to visit it again...strange to return so many years later with my own children (they actually still had some of the same human body exhibits up!). The highlight of OMSI was the submarine tour. Former submariners were on board to point out details and talk about their experiences....I don't know how that many people can live and work in such tight quarters!In addition to the science musuem, the kids and I visited the Forestry Museum and the Children's Musuem. Both were very impressive with a wide range of hands-on activities. Karla and the kids met up with us at the Children's Museum. The boys had fun playing with clay, acting on stage, and shooting balls up into the air. The girls had fun running around trying to keep up with the big brothers. It was one of the best children's musuems I have ever visited (but I guess with so much rain the indoor activities need to be good!).
The other thing I am impressed by is how family friendly this city is. Many local restaurants have kid play areas...funny to walk into local brewery where the lego table is next to big windows overlooking the brewing area!Also, as a note to those from the Nook (or anyone who has recently read "Omnivore's Dilemna") most menus in local restaurants identified the sources for their produce, meat, dairy etc (same in some of the groceries, too). And way too many good restaurant choices...a foodie's delight. So many things to highlight about this city and I haven't even touched on the great local transportation, the easy lay out of the city (seems you can get every where in about 15 min), the friendly people, and all of the interesting local and international culture (didn't realize until too late that Marcia Ball and Bettye LaVette were performing in Portland this past weekend). We're sad to leave but can't wait to get back again soon (hopefully during warmer and sunnier months!).
MamaBlogger said...

hi there! your comment on my blog brought me here, thanks for the nice words! I live in Portland, OR -- it looks like you made it to some of my favorite places in the city. And I agree, it is a great place to live. Your family is beautiful, happy blogging!


kategundersen said...

Portland sounds like heaven! Gosh, if I hadn't just been through a big moving ordeal, I'd be tempted to move there. Enjoy the cherry blossoms--

Heather said...

I am so glad you had such a wonderful stay in Portland (despite the weather!), and I'm still so sad that we weren't able to get together this time around. It does sound like you'll be back, though. :) We'll have to check out that new exhibit at the Children's Museum--thanks for the head's up! Hope the rest of your trip goes well.

Mom said...

Sounds like your visit to Portland was wonderful! Glad you all had so much fun. I didn't realize how "child centered" it was there. I always loved my business trips there, but the "gloom" kind of got to me!

Kellie said...

Portland sounds wonderful Lucia. Glad you enjoyed your time there.

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