March 1, 2008

Here's my horoscope for this week:

Aries (March 21-April 19): What's the opposite of freak out? Lets call it a freak in. I suspect you're about to enter this state. That means you will have at your disposal all the intensity of a hysterical fit, but you'll be able to express it artfully as you accomplish acts of amazing grace. Time may even seem to expand for you as you slip into a wildly relaxed perspective that unleashes exuberant insights with practical applications.

I am not usually a horoscope person,but this one caught my eye because I do feel like I am on the verge of freaking out (but I kind of like the idea of re-framing it to freak in). But I am not sure I will be able to live up to the predictions of using that frantic energy to produce something with grace and exuberance. Adam's deployment is still up in the air. Every day seems to bring a new twist...a different destination, a different timeline, and most recently everything on hold which means we are back in waiting mode. Knowing it will be happening but not sure when or where. And then a few days ago Adam found out he will be spending the month of April working at a military hospital in South Carolina. We weren't expecting this and we'll make the best of it. The kids and I will probably spend a couple of weeks up there with him. But the part I struggle with is the unpredictablilty. Give me a plan and I can adjust and adapt. But living with constant changes and uncertainty drives me crazy. I know I shouldn't be complaining. It could be so much worse. But the past few days I can feel myself getting more anxious and edgy. And just to push me a little closer to the edge, Noah is sick again and Adam is leaving tomorrow for another week at his fellowship...why are the kids always sick when he is gone?! So I am hoping I will suddenly wake up tomorrow morning to find I have acquired that "wildly relaxed perspective that unleashes exuberant insights with practical applications"... but what does that mean? stay tuned to see if I can successfully put my freak "in" to good use.
Laura said...

Hi Lucia, I'm sorry to hear that Noah is sick again. What has he got? You know, again I see myself through your story and I can even feel those sparkles of anxiety running around my body without me being able to control them. Insecurity is a thing that drives me crazy too.
I would like to share with you the one thing that helps me when I'm in that kind of situation: allowing myself to ask for help. Any kind of it. Even if it's sitting with a friend and winning about the situation. Empathy it's a great cheer uper.
Hang on!

Jessica said...

Oh, Lucia, I have goosebumps! You know I'm Aries too and I'm also hoping this horoscope holds up for me. It NEED a freak in--especially this week. :) I hope we both get the experience.

Kellie said...

"Give me a plan and I can adjust and adapt. But living with constant changes and uncertainty drives me crazy."

You and I definitely have this trait in common, so I know a tiny bit of how you feel right now. Also, my brother the Air Force Doctor is going through a similar kind of limbo. My sister-in-law is April 10th, so I am going to send her this horoscope. I will be hoping for lots artful expression and amazing grace in the coming weeks! :o)

Heather said...

Sending hopeful thoughts your way... I definitely understand the limbo trauma. That's been our family for the past six months (though not with a deployment hanging in the balance, thankfully). But things are finally settling into place for us, and I'm starting to remember what it's like to have a normal, schedulable life! I sure hope the uncertainty doesn't drag out too long, and that Noah is feeling better quickly.

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